Healthcare cost analysis

DESCRIPTION Background and Objective: A nationwide survey of hospital costs conducted by the US Agency for Healthcare consists of hospital records of inpatient samples. The given data is restricted to the city of Wisconsin and relates to patients in the age group 0-17 years. The agency wants to analyze the data to research on healthcare… Continue reading

AirBnB rentals in Seattle

I went through the AirBnb rental data to see how the owner could offer a great customer experience to their customers and increase their revenue. As a House Owner , i would like to improve my revenue and also need to give a better User experience for my Guest. To do that , i started… Continue reading

Newman Custom reporter – Handle Bar template data

I have created a custom reporter for Newman. which will help to generate handlebar supporting JSON. The Node module was published in the below URL:   Quick Start : # To Install locally.  $ npm install newman-reporter-hbsdata   # To Install Globally.  $ npm install -g newman-reporter-hbsdata   $ The JSON report will be generated and stored under the Folder name “newman“ $ Use the handlebar cli tool to generate the html report. Custom template will be shared in next version.  

Welcome 2017 – Untold surprises & achievements

In Personal Looking for a weight loss and physically fit Planning to finish few certifications and clear the exam Waiting for travel to abroad for a long term. Waiting for a shocking and surprising news – MY Best Friend’s achievement. In India As a software Professional, Everyone of us looking for “Trump – announcement”  regarding… Continue reading

Article related to Constitutional

76 – > Attorney-General of india 148 -> Comptroller and Auditor-General of india 165 -> Advocate-General of the state 243-I -> State Finance Commission 243-K -> State Election Commission 243ZD -> District Planning Committee 243ZE – > Metropolitan Planning Committee 263 -> Inter-State Council 280 -> Finance Commission 307 -> Inter-state Trade and Commerce commission… Continue reading


What is Docker  Docker is a tool that allows Developers and sysadmin to deploy their application in a sandbox. Install Docker in Ubuntu sudo apt-getinstalldocker-engine Start Docker daemon     sudo service docker start Verify docker is installed      sudo docker run hello-world Containers     Provide most of the isolation of virtual machines… Continue reading


AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. This technology is used to reduce the bandwidth and time of the user. AjAX is combination of javascript and HTTP Request.In this technique the http request is created as xml (XMLHttpRequest). if you want to use the technology called ajax,if you can create the XMLHttpRequest.The below code is… Continue reading