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What is Docker 
Docker is a tool that allows Developers and sysadmin to deploy their application in a sandbox.
Install Docker in Ubuntu
  1. sudo apt-getinstalldocker-engine
Start Docker daemon
  1.     sudo service docker start
Verify docker is installed
  1.      sudo docker run hello-world
    Provide most of the isolation of virtual machines at a fraction of the computer software.
How to Dokerize an application
  1. Creating a Docker file for application
  2. Create an image for the application using Docker file
            docker build —tag {tag name} .
  1.  pushing the created image to Docker Hub
    1. docker login
    2. docker push {tag name}
  2. Using the created Docker image
    1. docker run -p <name of the container> -d <user-name>/<repository>

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