API Management Design Pattern

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This is a process of creation, managing, securing, analyzing and scaling.

  • expose the APIs for the Mobile App, SPA, IoT and devices.
  • Track and analyse the consumption of APIs
  • Exposing the APIs to other Vendor systems.

API Management Pattern

  • API Gateway Pattern
  • API Microgateway Pattern
  • Service Mesh sidecar as API Gateway

API Consumption Pattern

  • Direct Frontend-to-Microservices Communication Pattern
  • Consuming Services through API Gateway Pattern
  • Backend for Frontend Pattern

API Gateway Pattern

API gateway is an interface for the frontend applications to access the APIs. The consumers like Mobile apps, Web portals and IoT devices access the APIs through the API gateway. It has various aspects in the build like security, Authorization, Versioning, caching and to some extent scalability.

API Gateway has two flows,

  • Developer Portal
  • API Management Interface

Developers Portal :

Its an interface for the Application Developer to come and verify the APIs. They can subscribe to the APIs and get the subscription key to consume the APIs from the Frontend.

API Management Interface :

It’s the main interface to configure and manage the APIs.

API Gateway Flow